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Is Stress & Fatigue Affecting Your Life?

Nutritional Medicine is the natural way to help support your body and mind to beat Stress and Fatigue.

An assessment process is used to identify key imbalances in the body’s chemistry. This is corrected using diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

London is an amazing place to live, the opportunities are endless. Born and raised in North West London I have witnessed massive changes in the area and simultaneously experienced how the demands of urban living grow exponentially.

Life is out of balance, the focus is on meeting the demands of work, study, family and social lives to such a degree that we are forgetting to take care of ourselves. We are eating on the move; grabbing a coffee or energy drink to give us that pick me up we need just so that we can get through the day.

Our body requires nourishment through our diet, if this is not being provided in the correct balance the body cannot keep up with the day to day demands of our lives, consequently leading to poor physical and mental health. No one would intentionally put petrol in a diesel car as this would cause it to breakdown ... yet, this is what we are doing to our bodies when we choose the wrong types of food.

Through personal experience and as a Nutritional Therapist, I can tell you that how we feel is hugely influenced by what we eat.

Your life is unique so being personal really does matter. It is essential to feeling well and feeling fulfilled – and in this case making sure you get brilliant results.

No nutrition programme is dictated - which is why fad diets often do not work in the long term, they are difficult to maintain and are not tailored to you, the individual , to meet your nutritional and lifestyle needs. I will work with you to construct a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme that is safe, effective and achievable.

Take the first step today and click on email link to receive a FREE Questionnaire to determine the impact STRESS is having on YOUR LIFE.

Be assured that you are receiving professional services from a qualified practitioner. Nicola is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.



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